The Studio

I’ve known Andreas Dahlbäck since the end of the 90s. Andreas Johnson’s ”Glorious” was the first recording session we did together. We have been working on a large number of projects since then. Except for being one of my favorite drummers (in the world) he’s also an excellent producer and knows exactly what is needed for a track. Working with Andreas in the studio is always very creative, fun and inspiring.
Peter Kvint

Durango Recording was founded in 2001 by Andreas Dahlbäck and has existed ever since under a myriad of names: Hammarby Studios, Lava, Stahlbakk Recording and Plavo Music. In 2009, the artist Dimbodius became fed up with our shape-shifting names, finally suggesting “Durango Recording,” and we’ve stuck with it ever since.


During the years we’ve been working with many artists. Below are some of them.

Ulf Lundell
Anna Ternheim
Peter LeMarc
Melissa Horn
Lars Winnerbäck
Bo Kaspers Orkester
Ola Salo
Mikael Wiehe
Olle Ljungström
Love Antell
Uno Svenningsson
Veronica Maggio
Maja Francis
Joachim Dahlberg
Frida Andersson
Elin Bell
EPs Trailerpark
The Heartbeat Band
David Urwitz
Peter Jöback
Josefina Sanner
Melpo Mene
Cajsa Siik
Lisa Miskovsky

Pernilla Andersson
Vera Vinter
Marcus Olsson
Andreas Johnson
Ebba Forsberg
Francis May
David Myhr
Sidsel Marie
Dada Ante Portas
Lukas Shaller
Tomas Andersson Wij
Eskju Divine
David Shutrick
Natasha Bedingfield
Nikola Rachelle
Tom Tyler
Marcus Fagerwall
Mats Ronander
Niklas Strömstedt
Eagle Eye Cherry
Abalon Dots

BDA Orkestern
Alexandra Wickman
Molly Sandén
Robin Stjernberg
Cajsa Stina Åkerström
Caroline af Ugglas
John Ash Trips
Conny Bloom
Oscar Danielsson
Sofia Jannok
Roland Junell
Mary May Love
Jessica Andersson
Kaia Huuse
Hanna Elmquist
Helena Martinsson
Hansson de Wolfe United
Jörgen Thorsson
Peter Belli
Hanna Turi
Among Lynx
Katharina Nuttall
Peter Högklint

Andreas Dahlbäck

Andreas Dahlbäck is the founder and owner of Durango Recording. He’s also a renowned freelance drummer and has been touring with various artists since 1989.

Touring is still a big part of his career, but you’re more likely to find him hanging around in the studio. His passion and enthusiasm for producing artists, mixing albums and working as a recording engineer make Andreas a skilled entrepreneur in the music field.  He’s worked with many of Sweden’s most loved and famous artists, lending an unrivaled adaptability and dynamism to his playing and production.


Below are some of the equipment in the studio. It´s impossible to list all the gear as new things are being bought frequently. If you can´t find what you´re looking for just send us an email. Who knows; We might have it.

C o n d e n s e r s

AKG 414 R x 2
AKG 414 Buls
AKG C451 EB CK1 x 2 (1 Silver, 1 Black)
Audio Technica AT 4050
Calrec CM1050
Calrec CM1051C
EarthWorks QTC40 x 2
Line Audio CM3
Milab VIP50
Milab XY-82
Neumann U77 1969
Neumann U87 1970
Oktava MK012
Pearl DC96 x 3
Shure SM91 x 4


Neumann M149
Wunder U47

R i b b o n s

Altec 639 Birdcage x 2
Arturfisher Arty1 x 2
BangOlufsen Stereo
Cascade Ribbon x 2
Coles 4042 x 2
Royer R122 x 2

D y n a m i c s

AKG 190 x 2
AKG D112
Alec 633A "Saltshaker"
Beyer Dynamic TG-X50
Electro Voice 630
Electro Voice 664
Electro Voice RE20 x 3
Grundig GBM 125
RFT MD30-2
Senheizer 421 x 12
Senheizer MD 441
Shure SM57 x 8
Shure SM58 x 2
Shure SM7B x 3

M i c P r e a m p s / DI`s

Crane Song Spider x 2
Focusrite ISA828
Golden Age Pre 73 x 2
Line Audio Design 8 MP
Millennia HV-3C
TL Audio Indigo 2051 Mono Voice Processor
Avalon U5 x 2
Ridge Farm Gas Cooker Mic Pre
Stenback Bass Interface

D y n a m i c s

Alesis Micro Limiter
Joemeek SC2.2 v4
Summit Audio TLA-50
TK Audio BC1
Transient Designer
Universal Audio LA2

R e c / M o n i t o r s

Crane Song Avocet
Behringer Powerplay 16
Mac Pro
Adam S3X-H
Genelec 1032

E a r p h o n e s

Senheiser HD-25 x 9
Sennheiser 650

S y n c / C o n v e r t e r s /
R e c o r d i n g E q u i p m e n t

Fostex Model 80
Protools HDX
Aurora 16 Lynx

R e v e r b / F X

AKG BX-20 x 2
Binson Ecorec
DBX 120 XP, Subharmonic Synthesizer
EMT 140 x 2
Korg SDD-1000
Korg SDD-3000 x 2
Korg stage echo 300
Mic Mix Master Room
Roland tape echo 201 x 2
Roland tape echo 301
Roland tape echo 501
Svenska Hammond Stockholm Rymdklang Stereo
Tandberg Tape Recorder for dist. x 2
TC M5000
Yamaha SPX 90

S n a r e s

Gretsch 14×6 Stainles Steel
Gretsch 14×6,5 Maple Snare
Hayman 14×5 Wood -75
Leedy 14×5 Shelly Manne, Mässing, COB, 1961
Levin 14 and 1/3×5
Lincoln Aristoctat 14&2/3×3
Ludwig 12×8 Handmade from HiTom -65
Ludwig 14×5 Wood -65
Ludwig 13×3 405 Picolo
Ludwig 14×5 Supraphonic Stainles Steel × 2
Ludwig 14×5 Black Magic
Ludwig 14×6,5 Black Beauty × 2
Ludwig 14x5 Wood 2008
Pearl 8×4 Firecracker
Pearl Free Floating 14×6,5 Mässing
Premiere 14×8 Wood -80
Slingerland Hollywood Ace 14×5 Poppel/Mahogny, WMP, 1956
Yamaha 14×5 Custom Model WSD 1455 SE Signature
Yamaha 14×7 Birch Custom Absolute
Yamaha 14×7 GA Björk, Piano Black
Yamaha 14×5 Custom Model WSD 1455 SE Signature
Yamaha 14×6 Maple Custom Defenitive
Yamaha 14×3 Model SD 493 Picolo
Yamaha 14×6 Model SD 3465
Yamaha 14×5 Model SD 3455
Yamaha 14x5,5 Signature Alex Acunja
Yamaha 13×4 Signature Steve
Yamaha 12×3 Signature Manu Katché
Yamaha 15×4 Signature John Robinsson
Yamaha 14×5 Wood 1969
Z.Szpaderski 14×3

P e r c u s s i o n

Blocks, Bongos LP
Cabasa, Congas LP
Cowbells, Chimes, Claves, Djembe
Flexatone, Guiro Maraccas, Rainstick
Shakers, Shekere, Thunder tube
Timbalitos, Triangles, Udu drum

C y m b a l s

Agazarian China Crash 14″
Paiste 602 1969 Hats 14″
Paiste Masters Dark Hat 14"
Paiste Masters Dark Crash 16"
Paiste Masters Dark Crash 18"
Paiste Masters Dark Crash 20"
Paiste Formula 602 15″ Hats
Paiste Masters 16" Crash
Paiste Masters 18" Crash
Paiste Masters 20" Crash
Paiste Twenty LightHats 14″ x 2
Paiste Twenty LightHats 15″
Paiste Twenty LightRide 22″
Paiste Twenty LightRide 21″
Paiste Twenty LightRide 20″
Paiste Twenty Sweetride Bluebird 20″
Paiste Twenty Crash 20″
Paiste Twenty Crash 19″
Paiste Twenty ThinCrash 18″
Paiste Twenty ThinCrash 17″
Paiste Twenty China 22″
Paiste Twenty Splash 10″
Paiste Twenty Splash 12″
Paiste 8″ Bell
Paiste 12″ Bell
Sabian Hihat 14” AAX Stage Hats x 2
Sabian 20” Vault crash
Zildjian Hihat 15” K Constantinopel
Zildjian Hihat 14” K Constantinopel
Zildjian Hihat 14” 1970
Zildjian 22” Ride
Zildjian 18” Crash
Zildjian 21” sweet Ride
Zildjian 21” Custom Special Dry Ride
Zildjian 22” Ping Ride
Zildjian 24” Nit Ride
Zildjian 17” Z Crash
Zildjian 18” A Crash x 2
Zildjian 20” A 1970 tals Ride/Crash
Zildjian 19” A 1970 tals Ride/Crash
Zildjian 18” Oriental Classic China
Zildjian 20” Thin Crash
Zildjian Ride
Zildjian Crash

G u i t a r F X

Digitech Space Station 300
Electro Harmonix Big Muff
Electro Harmonix POG2
Electro Harmonix Stereo Memory Man
Earnie Ball Volume Pedal
Ibanez Tube Screamer
Line6 FM4 x 2
Line6 MM4
Moogerfooger 101 Low Pass Filter
Moogerfooger 102 Ring Modulator
Moogerfooger 103 Stage Phaser
Moogerfooger 104 Analog Delay
Moogerfooger 105 Murf
Moogerfooger 107 Freq Box
Moogerfooger 251 Control Processor
Moogerfooger 108 ClusterFlux
T.C. Electronic Stereo Chorus + Pitch Modulator & Flanger
Vox Wah-Wah

M i s q P e d a l s

Radial X-Amp, Amp driver x 2
Sansamp Classic

D r u m M a c h i n e s

Roland CR-78
Roland CR-8000 CompuRhytm 1
SoundMaster Memory Rhytm SR-78
Stylophone Percussion

M i s q

Boss Dr. Pad
Hawaian Slide Phonoharp Tremoloa
Korg Kaossilator
Korg Kaosspad
Korg Monotron
Korg Wavedrum
Pearl Syncussion
Rototoms 4″, 6″, 8″, 8″, 10″, 12″, 18″
Simmons Claptrap
Simmons SDS-9
Tama Techstar TS-206 (or 204!)

D r u m s

Gretsch 1975 18, 22, 24, 12, 13, 14, 16
Hayman 1970 22, 12, 13, 16
Ludwig BassDrum 15” 1965
Ludwig BassDrum 22” 1965
Ludwig Black Panther 1969 24, 12,
14, 16, 18
Ludwig Butcher Block 1980 24, 12,
13, 15, 16
Ludwig Legacy 2009 22, 12, 14, 16
Yamaha Birch Custom Absolute 2005
22, 12, 13, 14, 16
Yamaha Manu Katché 2005 16, 8, 12
Yamaha Maple Custom Defenitive 2005 22,10, 12, 16
Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute 2005
22, 12, 16

S y n t e z i s e r s

Bontempi system 5 BT805
Casio SK-1
Casio casiotone MT-52
Creamware Minimoog
Creamware Prodysey
Korg Minivox 700
Korg Monopoly
Korg Polyphonic Ensemble PE 1000
Korg PS-3200
Korg Wavestation
Minimoog mod D.
Minimoog Voyager XL
Nord Micromodular
Nordlead 2
Omnicord – mod classic
Omnicord mod. Q-chord
Sequential Circuits Prophet 10
Roland Juno 106
Roland Jupiter 4
Roland SH101
Roland JX 10 + Controler

O r g a n s

Bontempi Memoplay
Bontempi Electric chord organ
Farfisa Professional Duo
Farfisa C3 132 – Compact F A S T 3
Farfisa Cromwell / Foyer
Hammond L100 organ (133) + Leslie 760 + Leslie 142
Nord C2
Philicorda Organ
Solina Organ NL 100
Yamaha YC-45D Organ

P i a n o

Malmsjö upright 1905
Rhodes Mark 1
Wurlitzer 200A
Yamaha CP-80

B a s s G u i t a r s

Fender Precision
Höffner 1966
Squier Precision

A c o u s t i c  G u i t a r s

Furch 12 string
Yamaha 6 string - Mod LL16D

E l e c t r i c  G u i t a r s

Squier Hank Marvin Stratocaster -91
Fender Telecaster crafted in Japan, Rosewood grepbräda, Bigsby svaj
Electric guitar/sitar

G u i t a r A m p l i f i e r

Binson Hifi 40 watt
Fender Princetone 65 Reissue
Fender Bassman 70 W
Fender Champ
Fender Pro Reverb 2x12
Fender Twin Reverb 2x12 -65 Reissue
Marshall 2150 1x12 Combo 100 watts, "Rock'n'roll Baby"
Marshall 4 x 12 Cab
Montgomery Ward Airline 9002
Orange head
Philips Amp type 2808
Vox Pathfinder R
Vox AC30 1965


Andreas Dahlbäck
+46 707860323

Durango Recording
Textilvägen 43
120 30 Johanneshov